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But isn't Rammed Earth Crumbly?

Many people have the misconception that all rammed earth walls are "crumbly" in texture.  Stabilised rammed earth contains cement and weatherproofing additives in the earth mix which makes the walls much stronger than traditional rammed earth.  The finished walls can also be sealed with "bondcrete" for added protection.  All rammed earth constructed by our rammed earth builder is the highest quality stabilised rammed earth, to prevent "the Crumblies".

Why Choose Timber Framing?

There are many good reasons why arsenic-free treated timber framing is the best choice to complement your sustainable rammed earth home:

Sustainable & Renewable Resource

Timber provides the only renewable house framing material and is sourced from sustainably managed Australian plantations.  Timber framing produces much less greenhouse gas emissions during processing than other framing materials.


"Forests and wood products can effectively reduce the process of climate change in several ways.


How does rammed earth keep my house cool in summer and warm in winter?

Rammed earth keeps your house cool in summer and warm in winter because of the ability of its high thermal mass to slow the transfer of heat and cold through the building, therefore maintaining a more stable internal room temperature.

Thermal mass in buildings

Thermal mass is effective in improving building comfort in any place that experiences these types of daily temperature fluctuations—both in winter as well as in summer. When used well and combined with passive solar design, thermal mass can play an important role in major reductions to energy use in active heating and cooling systems and hence the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions due to fossil fuel burning in power stations.


In which climate does rammed earth perform the best?

The correct use and application of thermal mass such as rammed earth is dependent on the prevailing climate in a district.

Temperate / Cold Temperate climates

Rammed earth is ideally placed within the building and situated where it still can be exposed to winter sunlight (via windows) but insulated from heat loss.

The rammed earth is warmed passively by the sun or additionally by internal heating systems during the day. Heat stored in the mass is then released back into the interior during the night. It is essential that it be used in conjunction with the standard principles of passive solar design.


What color choices do I have with rammed earth?

The color choices with rammed earth are many and varied, from the pale creamy rammed limestone to the rich, dark red ochre and every color in between.  Our rammed earth builder will source out the highest quality construction grade earth in your preferred color, or mix the required light and dark to create that special hue.

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